Hear the words from the Lord, O house of Israel.



Do not learn what other countries do to follow their gods.




Don’t be scared about signs in the sky that scare other people.



Everything they do is empty and doesn’t work and doesn’t make you happy.


They find a strong tree and cut it down and make it into a statue. They cover it with silver and gold and bow down to it.




But it can’t walk or talk or do any good thing for them.


There is none like You, O Lord. You are great and very strong. Who won’t be scared of You, O King over all the nations? There is no one like You.




You are the true God and the living God and the King who will always be.



When you are mad it shakes the whole world. The nations can’t stand it when you are upset.



The gods that did not make the heavens and the earth, they will fade away into nothing.



But the Lord made the world by His great power and set it strong by His smartness



and stretched out all the stars across the universe with His knowing.




When he says it, the waters fill the heavens and fall to water the ground.



When He says it, the lightning thunders and crashes across the sky.



When He says it, the winds come out of His treasure house and swirls around all over the world.




The statues of men are dumb and can’t talk,




but the God of Jacob is not like them.





He is the One who Made everything,




The Lord of all the armies of angels of heaven is His name.


I am so sad, this hurts My heart so much because My house is ruined and My children have left Me.


Their shepherds left Me and became stupid because they didn’t look for Me. So it won’t be good for them and their sheep wander away from them.



O Lord, I know that man can’t lead the right way, but You lead him in the right steps.



Make me go the right way, O Lord; Don’t be angry with me and make me empty.