The Lord told Jeremiah, Go stand in the gate at My house and say to all who come to see Me, Listen to My word, Turn around to Me and make what you do right.

Do not trust My house, but trust only Me. Stop being hard on the people from other countries and  the children with no dad and the women with no husbands, charging them high prices.




Don’t hit anyone or make them bleed and don’t bow down to other gods.



How can you do all this bad stuff and them come to My house and say I will protect you.

You are making My house a cave for robbers. But look how I ruined the place where My house used to be because of all the bad stuff that was done there.



Turn back to Me and do right or I will throw you away, the whole bunch of you.



I am so upset that I will burn away all the land and the trees and animals with a fire you can’t put out.

Back in Egypt I said, Listen to me and do what I say, and you will be very happy. But My people keep doing only what they think in their own mind.




So tell them all these words, but they won’t listen or do it.


Cut off your hair and walk around crying because of all the sad stuff I have to do because they won’t listen but turned their backs to me.



They have done so much bad stuff that everything is ruined.


They will bring out all the bones of the dead ones and spread them out in the sunlight because they picked dead stuff, the bad ones.



They hold on tight to lies and no one turns away from the bad stuff they are doing.


I listened to their talking, says the Lord God. They all hurry fast to do the bad stuff like horses running into the battle.



But the stork in the heavens and the turtle and the crane and the swallow know;





but My people do not know that God is spanking them.



You say, We are smart and God’s way is with us. But the ones who write it down write empty stuff.




What can be wise when you turn your backs to God, your Maker?




My leaders say, It will be ok, it will be ok; but it won’t be ok.



I will sweep everything away; there won’t be any grapes or figs. I will send snakes to bite you.




I want to make Myself happy





but this is too sad.



The time to gather the food that grows is over and the summer is gone and you are not helped.




Isn’t there Someone who is waiting to help you?