O how I wish that my head was just all water and that my eyes were fountains of tears because I am so sad about all the hurt to My people.


I wish I had a cabin high in the mountains so I could leave My people and go far away. They all follow the bad ones and tell lies.




They go from one bad thing to a worse bad thing.




No one is strong for the truth.





Don’t lean on any of your friends because they are all telling lies to each other and no one says what is true.



So I will let the trouble they make come on them to get the bad stuff out of them.



The mountains will be crying and the forests will be crying because they will all be burned up.



The birds of the heavens fly away and the animals will run away.



I will make Jerusalem an empty pile of trash, a place where the dragons sleep. No one will live there.


Because they left my rules and did what they thought was best in their own thinking. They followed bad ones like their fathers taught them.



I will feed My people with yukky waters that gives them tummy aches.


I will scatter them all over the world and enemies will chase them with swords until none of them are left.



Call the crying women to cry big tears real loud because the land is empty and their houses are empty.



O listen, you women to the words of the Lord because death comes sneaking up into your windows.



Don’t let the wise ones be puffed up and brag about their wise thinking.



Don’t let the strong ones be puffed up and brag about their strong muscles.




Don’t let the rich ones be puffed up





and brag about all their gold.



But let everyone be puffed up in Me and brag that they know Me, that I am the One that made everything




and holds up everything and controls everything.




And I love to fill everyone with My special love and happiness.



And I love to do what is right and true in the world. I like these things very much. It tickles me a lot.


I will spank the ones who do right on the outside but bow down to the bad ones in the secret place of their hearts.