In that good day when the Lord saves them, they will be singing a song that says, We have a strong city. God saving us will be its walls and towers.




Open the gates that the right ones who want the Lord will come in, the ones who protect and stay by the truth.




You keep perfectly quiet and still and happy the ones who keep their minds are thinking about You.




Always lean on the Lord because He is so strong that His strongness goes on and on and on forever.



He will bring down the bad ones to the dust, the ones who walk on the poor and take their stuff.





The Most right one watches and thinks about the ones who follow Him and do right.




We have been waiting for You to do the right thing. We only want You.




I will look for you in my heart at night and early in the morning.




When you judge in the world the people learn to do the right thing.




If you are kind to the bad ones they won’t learn to do right




and they won’t look to the Lord their Maker to see how wonderful He is.






They just want the stuff everyone else has.





The fire of the ones who hate You, God, will eat them up.





Bad ones have been over us, telling us what to do, but we only want You.





They are dead and won’t live. They won’t ever be remembered.




You made our nation big, O Lord and it shows how great You are.



When you spanked them for doing bad, then they prayed to You and asked for You to help them.


We tried, but have not helped the world at all.

The ones that died will live again. Their bodies will get up out of the ground.





Wake up and sing you ones that live in the ground. Be fresh and new. The ground will pop up its dead ones.






Come, My people, and hide in your closets and shut the doors until the trouble has gone away.

Look, the Lord comes. He comes out of His place to spank the ones who live in the world for their badness they did when they followed the bad one.




The ground won’t cover up the ones they killed anymore.





In that day the Lord will use His great strong sword and spank the bad one,



the great dragon who is boss over all the people that turn away from the Lord their Maker.

In that day sing a song to her, A vineyard of red wine





The Lord will water it every moment and guard it all day and all night so that no one can hurt it.


Let the ones who don’t want their Me, their Maker, take and use My strength to turn back to Me and to make peace with Me.



He is not mad. He will cause the ones that came out away from the bad ones to grow strong and deep in His love.


Their land of Israel will spring up buds that will make pretty flowers and  fill the whole face of the world with yummy fruit.



He let happen to them what they did to others and that cleaned away all the bad stuff.



Then He will gather one by one all the children of Israel.

That day a great trumpet will be blown and all the ones who were thrown away in Egypt will come and bow down to the Lord and fill their hearts with all the goodness of the Lord at His holy mountain, at Jerusalem.