Words from the Maker of the heavens and the earth about a city called Damascus:




You will be taken away from being a city and just be a pile of trash.



Your strong hiding place will be gone, they will be a great big prize for the children of Israel.




Only a few grapes will be left on the vines and a few little olives in the trees.




When all this trouble comes the people will look up to their Maker




and hold Him up high in their hearts instead of looking to the statues of gods they made for themselves.



This will happen because they forgot the God who saves them and didn’t think about the One who makes them strong.



The plants you put in the ground won’t grow strong because God is what makes everything grow.


Much trouble comes running to the many people of the nations who chase after God’s people to hurt them.


In the evening the trouble comes and by morning no one is left to the ones who hurt us and take our stuff.



Bad things come to the land far over the rivers of Ethiopia to a strong and scary people.



Everyone in the world will see, when He lifts up a sign on the mountains and blows the trumpet,




        listen to it.





Because the Lord said to me, I will take my rest and think about it in the place where I live.

Before it is time to gather the crops, while the grapes are still starting to get sweet,

they will all be cut off and given to the birds of the mountains and the animals of the world for food to eat through the times of cold and snow.



That’s when a present will be brought to the Lord of all the armies of heaven from the strong and scary people whose land has been trampled down and its rivers ruined.

They will come to visit our great and mighty God at the place where He lives, on mount Zion.