Cries of grief to the ones who drink too much wine in Ephraim, who are fading away like a beautiful flower.




They are so puffed up with how important they are that they wear it like a crown on their heads.



But look at this, the Lord will send a strong one like a really big storm and the crown of their pride will be stomped into the ground.


All their beauty and beautiful stuff will fade away and be gobbled up like the first ripe peach in the summertime.

Then on that day, the Lord of all the armies of the angels of heaven will be a crown of glory and a most beautiful jewel to the rest of His people.




And He will be the spirit of doing right as He sits on the throne to rule over His people.

Their rulers now do it wrong because the wine is making their thinking foggy. Their aren’t making it fair and right for all the people, just for their favorites.



They spit up their wine on the tables until there is no clean place to sit and eat.





Who can the Lord teach to know any right thing?




Just babies because it must be taught just one little thing at a time. A little bit here and a little bit there.


His Spirit’s words coming out of them will be a rest for them and make them fresh and new. But you wouldn’t listen.

So listen to me you ones who are boss over Jerusalem, that make fun of the words of the Lord and say that you have made a deal with the bad one so that you won’t die.




You are hiding behind lies that won’t protect you.

So the Lord God says this, I lay in Zion, My holy mountain a perfect stone for the foundation for you to stand tall on, a most precious stone for the corner.

The one who believes won’t have to hurry and rush around.



Hail will come and sweep away all the lies you are hiding behind and waters will sweep it all away.




Your deal with death will be cancelled. The deal you made with hell won’t stand up and you will be trampled down.



The Lord will rise up and do the work that He doesn’t like to do, spanking the bad ones.


So don’t be making fun of the Lord’s ways because it ties you up tighter in the bad things.

I have heard from the Lord God that He is going to clean all the bad ones and their bad stuff out of the whole world.

Listen to me: that cleaning up will plow the field of people’s hearts so they will listen to His words and follow Him: and when they follow Him, they will live and not die.


The Lord shows people how to grow their crops will, won’t He show people how to live right?







All these good things come from the Lord who tells all the armies of angels in heaven what to do.


What He says is full of amazing and wonderful things and makes everything better than the best.