Start crying and be embarrassed, city of Tyre.





The Lord will stop you being so puffed up.





He stretched out His and over the sea




and started to shake the kingdoms. He took away their protection.



You won’t be happy anymore, He told them, because they went away from Me.




Sing songs and try to keep people thinking about you but it won’t help.


After 70 years the Lord will come to see you and will take all your treasures and give it to the people who want Him



and they will be safe and happy and have lots of everything they need.




Look at this: the Lord is going to make the whole world empty. He’s going to make it empty and turn it upside down.




The world will be sad and tired and weak and fade away.



The world is dirty because the ones who live there are getting too puffed up against the Lord, their Maker.





They broke their deal with Him







and changed His laws




so a curse has gone out to eat it all up. Only a few men will be left.

Even the wine will be sad and all the music will stop.



They will all be upset and tangled up in what they think.




A few will be left and they will lift up their songs to the Lord





and sing about His beauty that doesn’t have an end.





But some are still doing bad and tricking people.




They will be afraid and run





and fall into the pit.





The windows high up in heaven are open and the earth shakes and breaks.




The Lord will spank the bad angels in heaven for all the bad they brought into the world




and He will spank the kings of the world for not doing right but hurting the people.


The bad ones will all be rounded up and shut up in God’s prison.




The moon will be upset and the sun embarrassed




when the Lord of all the armies of heaven comes to be the king


and in charge over the whole world forever in Mt. Zion and in Jerusalem before all His people it will be most beautiful and wonderful.