O Lord my God, I will lift You high and say the best words about You




because You have done amazing and wonderful things.




You have always told us what is best and right and true.



You ruin cities where bad ones live and no one ever lives there again.


Because of what You do, strong peoples all over the world will think the best stuff about you and the biggest and scariest nations will be afraid of You.



They will do this because You have been the strong One for the poor and the ones who need help.

You are a hiding place from storms and when it gets real hot and when the bad ones are running wild everywhere.



You stop all their noise and trouble. They will be brought down real low to the ground.





And in this special mountain



the Lord will make a big party of all the best things to eat and wines and things to drink.



Here the Lord will take off the cover over their eyes that keeps people from seeing how great and good and wonderful and amazing He is.




He will win the fight with death so big that nothing will die anymore at all ever again.




And He will wipe every tear away from every eye.


And His people won’t be thought bad of anymore or looked down at, but held high.





What the Lord says is what happens. He has said all this and it will happen.

That day people will say, This is our God, we have been waiting for Him. He will save us and we will be really glad about Him saving us.



The Lord’s hand will rest in this mountain. He will spread His hand out like a swimmer swimming and make all the puffed up ones low and all the forts they hide in will be broken down.