The Lord’s message to the world about Egypt was this: The Lord rides on a fast cloud to come to Egypt.

They are all doing bad and so they will fight against each other, neighbor fighting neighbor, city against city and kingdom against kingdom.




The spirit of Egypt will fall down right in the middle of it and I, the Maker of it, will stop all the bad stuff they are being told to do.




They will go their statues and ask the bad ones what to do.


I will put a hard man in charge of them, a scary man, says the Lord of the armies of all the angels of heaven.





The waters and brooks will all dry up and the plants shrink up to nothing.


The fishermen will be sad because the fish are gone. And the weavers won’t have anything to weave into cloth.



The wise sons of ancient kings, let them know that this is what the Lord is going to do to Egypt.


The princes are tricked by the bad ones and acting silly and doing silly things. So the Lord has sent in a bad spirit to help them turn around and do right.



There won’t be any work for any of them to do and they will be scared like women because of what the Lord is going to do.




They will be very scared of God’s people because of what the Lord is going to do.





Then they will turn back to the Lord, their Maker, and only make promises by Him.

They will build an altar to Him in the middle of Egypt and give Him presents and do the service that shows His great love for us.




They will make promises to God and do them.



He will spank them and then take away the hurt.




They will ask Him and He will make it all better.


In that day the people of Egypt will join with the people of Assyria to go join God’s people, Israel, in being His people.



They will be a big blessing in the middle of the land and the Lord will say, Big happiness to My people Egypt and Assyria, that I have made with My hands and Israel, My special people.




The Lord told Isaiah, Take off your shoes and your clothes.

So Isaiah did what the Lord told him and walked around with no shoes or no clothes.

Then the Lord told the people, Like My servant Isaiah has walked around naked and with bare feet for 3 years, just like that, the king of Assyria will lead the Egyptians away as his prisoners to be his slaves with their bottoms uncovered.

They will be embarrassed, the old people and the young people, because they trusted the people from Ethiopia to be their helper instead of the Lord their Maker to be their helper.