Big sadness to the shepherds over the Lord’s people who chase them away from the Lord’s good food, says the Lord.


You chase My people away from My good food and don’t feed them so I will chase you away to other countries.

I will go get all My people and bring them back here where they will be happy and have lots of babies and good stuff and everything they need.

I will put shepherds in charge over them who will feed them and teach them about Me that I am with them to help them and protect them so they won’t be scared anymore.



The days are coming, says the Lord, that I will bring My king who will do right and good and fair stuff.


The people will be saved from the bad one and live safe, and the world will do right.




My King will be called, The Lord our Righteousness.


My heart is broken because of the bad shepherds and My bones shake because the land is full of bad ones who bring bad things to happen.




So I will bring their bad stuff back on them.


Do not listen to the ones who tell you empty stuff. They make you to be empty too. They tell you stuff from their own heart that I didn’t say.




They say it will be good when bad stuff is coming.




Who has stood with the Lord and heard what He says?




If My shepherds had told My people what I say,




then the people would turn back to me and good stuff would happen.




I am so close to you and not far away.





Can anyone hide from Me?




Don’t I fill all the heavens and all the earth?





My word is like a fire




and like a hammer that breaks the rocks into pieces.




I am against the shepherds that don’t tell My words.



I will leave you to your own stuff, says the Lord, and you will always be embarrassed.

The Lord showed me two baskets of figs that sat out front of His house after the bad king had taken some of the Lord’s people away from their city.


One basket had really good figs in it, fat and sweet ones. The other basket had bad figs in it, dry and sour and stinking.


Then the Lord said, Like these good figs, I will be with and help the people who I sent away from here while I spank this city.



I will plant them and they will have good and happy lives, and I will bring them back to this city later on.

I will give them a heart that wants to know Me, that I am the Lord who made them and controls everything. They will come back to Me with all their heart.

And like these figs in the other basket, they are so bad that you can’t eat them, I will send away the people who stay in the city to all the other kingdoms of the world to live.




The people there will make fun of them



and they will have sickness and disappear from off the good land that I gave their fathers.