The Lord told Jeremiah, Tell all the people in Judah, I get up early and say, Turn from the bad path and doing bad stuff.


Do not bow down to the bad ones or do what they say. If you do, I will have to be mad at all the bad stuff and all the hurt it does to everyone.

I bring more bad ones from the north and will take away all the happy laughing and brides and bridegrooms and even the light from candles.


This whole land will become awful and empty. I’m just paying back the bad stuff they did and all the hurt they made.



Then, after 70 years have gone by, I will spank the bad king who did this


and give them to drink wine from the cup of trouble…all the countries that did bad and hurt My people.

The Lord will roar like a lion from His high place, His special house above. He will fight with all the nations and stop them doing the bad stuff and hurting everyone.



A great wind will dance round and round over the whole land taking away all the bad.

When Jehoiakim started being king the Lord told Jeremiah to say, Go stand in the court at My house and tell all the cities of Judah that come to bow down to Me, If they will not hear me and turn away from the bad, then I will ruin and erase this place.



When the people heard what Jeremiah told them they tried to kill him.


They all got together and Jeremiah said, The Lord told me to come here and say this stuff, to tell all these words in your ears.




The princes said, We shouldn’t kill him because he told us God’s words.


When Micah told God’s words that Jerusalem would be plowed like a field, didn’t the people turn back to the Lord so He didn’t have to spank them?



The Lord said to Jeremiah, Put a rope around your neck and then send it to five different kings I tell you.






And say to the kings, This is what the Lord of the armies of all the angels in heaven and Israel says,

I made the world and the people and animals on it by My great power and arm stretched out and I give it to who I want to give it to.


And I have given it all to Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, he is My servant. And I gave him all the animals too.

And all the countries of the world are to do what he says. The countries that won’t do what he says, I will spank with the sword and with no food and with bugs everywhere eating up their stuff.



So don’t listen to anyone who tells you anything else. They are lying to you so they can hurt you.


The countries that will do what the king of Babylon says, I will let them stay in their own lands and their own houses.



So Jeremiah sent the ropes to the five kings and also told the king of Judah all the words the Lord God said,

The Lord told Jeremiah, If the ones who are telling lies in My name are really telling My words, then let them now ask me that the rest of the gold and silver in My temple not be taken out of My house to Babylon.



I tell you, that those things also will be taken out of My house to Babylon.




But when it is the right time, I will go to my people there in Babylon and help them



and bring them and all My things for My house back here to My land and My house.