The Lord told Jeremiah to tell the people, The words Hananiah is telling the people are not from me. He said that the people and stuff that were taken from My land and My house will be brought back in two years.

No they won’t. I said it will be 70 years before they come back: 70 to pay back every year that My children didn’t let the land rest in its resting years.

The people worked the land and the people real hard. I don’t do that. The bad ones do that. I like to let the land and the people have a good rest after they work.


Then Hananiah broke the rope off of Jeremiah’s neck and said the lie again while all the people were watching.


Then the Lord told Jeremiah to say, You broke this rope but I have put an iron chain on all the nations to be under the king of Babylon.



The Lord has not sent you. You are telling a lie to the people. Because of it you will die this year.


And that’s what happened. Hananiah died after 7 months because he listened to the bad ones and tried to get the Lord’s people on the wrong road.


God told Jeremiah to write a letter to the Lord’s people who had been taken from their special land away to Babylon.



The Lord said, Tell them I said, Build house to live in and plant gardens and eat what grows in them




and take wives and get married and have babies, lots of babies.




And pray for the place where you live that it will be quiet and peaceful.


Don’t listen to the ones who tell you that you will be coming back to My special land that I gave you real soon,




because they are lying to you and saying I said it, but I didn’t.


I know what I think about you: To do good stuff for you and not bad, and for you to live real happy for a long time.




Call out to Me and I will listen and do what you ask.




Look for Me and you will find Me if you look with all your heart.




You will find Me and I will bring you back to the place they took you from.




Bad stuff will happen to the ones who are telling you lies that I didn’t say.

The ones who are fighting Jeremiah and telling lies that I didn’t say, I will spank them because they teach the people to turn away and not listen to Me and do what I say.



Then the Lord told Jeremiah, Write down all the words that I ever told you to say in a book


Because the day is coming when I will bring back My people to the special land I gave them and they will live here again.



The time is coming that I will stop all the bad ones that are making trouble for them.


Don’t be scared, My people, or upset. I will save you from far away.



And you will come back and your life will be very quiet and no one will be able to make you scared.



I am with you to save you. I will erase the bad ones that hurt you.


All the other ones you go to for help, they can’t help you. Bad stuff only happened to you because you did lots of bad stuff.




Why do you cry when you get spanked for doing bad stuff?




I will make you strong again and not sick.





I will heal your hurts.




And anyone who hurts you, I will hurt them.




I will bring you back and put My special love on all your houses.





And this city will be built big and beautiful.



And you will say lots of thank yous from your hearts to me and be very happy.



I will make you big and not little and lots of you not just a couple.



Who will set his heart to stay close to Me? You will be mine and I will be yours.





Look at this, a wind will come out




and dance around on the head of the bad ones.





You will think about this in the last days.