Then in the 10th year that Zedekiah was king in Judah, the king of Babylon, whose name was Nebuchadnezzar,




sent his soldiers to Jerusalem to surround and capture the city.


King Zedekiah had put Jeremiah in jail and said, Why do you say that the Lord will give this city to that king?


Jeremiah said, That’s what the Lord God said, I will give this city into the hand of the king of Babylon and he will capture it and take it.




King Zedekiah won’t be able to run away fast enough, they will catch you




and you will look that king straight in the eye and talk to him mouth to mouth.


And you, Zedekiah, will be taken to Babylon and stay there until I come see you. No matter how hard you fight against them, you won’t win.

Then the Lord told Jeremiah, Your uncle will come to you here in jail to sell you his field. Buy it from him and put the papers of selling safe in a jar because I will come for My people and you will again buy and plant fields here in My special land.



So Jeremiah bought the field and sealed up the papers in a jar.


Jeremiah said, Ahhh Lord God, You made the heaven and the earth with your great power and stretched out arm, nothing is too hard for You.



You show special amazing love to many thousands and pay back bad to the bad ones and their children.



The great and mighty God, the Commander over all the armies of the angels in the heavens is Your name.



You tell us the best and greatest things and do the hardest and most amazing things.



Your eyes watch over all the all the sons of men to give back to each one what they do.


You set signs and did amazing things in Egypt and up to now. You brought your people out from there with Your strong hand and stretched out arm.

You gave them this land full of milk and honey. They came in and lived here but didn’t do anything You told them, so you brought all this bad stuff on them.


Look at the soldiers who came here to climb the walls and take this city. And You want me to buy this field?


Then the Lord said, I am the Lord, the God who made and keeps everybody going. Is anything too hard for Me to do?


I will give this city away because they put all these dirty statues in My house and did stuff that hurt everyone so much.

Then I will get it back when the right time comes. Then I will bring them back and give them one heart to stay with Me so I can do good stuff for them and their children.



I will bring them back from being captured and men will buy fields for money and I will make it all good again.