The bad stuff Judah did is written down with a pen made of iron that has a tip of a diamond, very hard to erase.

O my mountain in the field, I will give all your food and good stuff and treasures away and you won’t get to live in the special land anymore because you make me so mad with all this bad stuff that hurts everyone so much.




It is a bad curse on you when you trust other men instead of the Lord.


Very happy are the ones who trust the Lord and are sure that He is with you to help you and make you happy.

The one who trusts the Lord is like a tree planted by a beautiful full river that has roots going way down deep into the ground.



Her leaves stay strong even when it’s really hot and her fruit is good and sweet.



The heart is the most tricky thing and so very, very bad. Who can know how bad it tricks you?



I, the Lord, look all through your heart and feelings to give each one what they should get by what they do.


Ones who only want money and trick people to get it, it will sneak away from them and they will look silly at the last.




O Lord, the ones that turn away from You will be embarrassed

and have their place in the world instead of heaven because they left You, the fountain of waters that are always alive with special life.

Make me all better Lord and I will be better, save me and I will be saved because you are all that I lift up high in my heart.




Don’t scare me because You are what I trust when trouble comes.




Let the ones who try to hurt me be confused but keep Me strong in You.

The Lord told me to go stand in the gate of the Jerusalem where the kings come in and tell them, Hear the word of the Lord, you kings of Judah and people who live in Jerusalem.




Don’t carry stuff in here on the resting day, but just rest that day.



But the people did not obey or even listen, but made their neck hard against Me.


If you will listen good and not carry stuff in here on the rest day but keep my rest day special, then kings and princes will sit on David’s throne




and ride in chariots and this city will be strong and beautiful always.



And people will come from everywhere to this place to bring presents to the Lord at His house.



But if you will not listen, this place will be all burned up with a fire that won’t ever stop.