And then at that time the Lord said, I will be the God of all the families of Israel





and they will be My people.



The ones left after the spanking found out how good God loves them in the wilderness.


I have always loved you with a love that doesn’t end and is too big to count, says the Lord, it goes on for always and always past the ends of everything.




My love keeps bringing you closer and closer to Me.

I will build up everything again the right way and you will go out dancing and so happy.



Sing with the best happiness because I will save My people from everywhere they were taken.




I will bring the ones that can’t see and can’t walk.




They will be so happy that they are crying.



I will bring them by rivers of waters walking straight along and they won’t trip




because I am their Father and Israel is My first one born to Me.





I will buy them back to Me




with the most price every paid for anything.




They will all come together because of how good I am




and have wheat and wine





and oil and flocks and herds of animals.



And their soul will be inside them like the prettiest garden full of beautiful things.

They will sing and dance because I will turn their sadness into happiness


and pat them and make their sadness go far away and all My people will be full and spilling over with My goodness.



Don’t let tears come down from your eyes because I will give you big pay for all this trouble.



How long will you keep sliding back away from Me? I will fill up with good thing the ones that want Me.



Just like I let the bad things happen, now I will turn it around so only good things happen to you.




I will write My ways on their hearts and they will be Mine.


And they won’t tell each other to come to Me because all of them will know Me from the smallest to the biggest and from the worst to the best.




This is what the Lord says that gives you the sun for a light in the daytime





and the moon and stars in the night




and who makes the waves of the sea kick up real high,




My name is the Lord of all the armies of the heavens.


If you can make the sun and stars be gone, then maybe you can keep Israel from being My nation of people.

If you can see how many inches are in heaven and how many buckets of dirt are on the ground, then maybe I will throw them away, but you can’t and I won’t.