Who is this coming shiny bright and most strong to save us?





Why is your shirt red?




Because I had to stop the bad ones all by myself, says the Lord.



The time came and there was no one who could help so I did it Myself and stopped all their badness.




I will tell of the special love of the Lord




and all the good things He did for us





and I will tell how great He is.




He has so much special love for us that we won’t every be able to take it all.



He hurt too with them every time they hurt or someone hurt them,







and His angel that was always with them saved them.



In His special love and kindness He bought them back from the bad one who had captured them.






Then He carried them all the days of old times.




But they turned away from Him and upset His Holy Spirit so He turned around to be their enemy and fight against them.

Then He remembered how He led them by Moses with His amazing arm and split the waters for them so that people everywhere will always know how strong He is.




He led them on the way so they didn’t trip or fall. He found them a good place to lay down and rest.




Look down from heaven, Your special home of all Your shiny brightness.



You are our Father and our One who bought us back; You will always be the most special.





Help us, Your people who are Your very own.

O tear the sky apart and come down to us. The countries of the world will shake when You are here with us.




From the first start of everything no one has heard or seen, except You, O God, the very special things that You do for the ones who get quiet with You.




You meet the ones who are happy about You and do right to You.




But we are dirty and our good things we do are stinky and yuk.




We shrivel up and are blown away like a leaf in the wind.



No one calls out to You, and looks for You in their heart, or takes hold of Your hand, so You hid Your face.






But Now, O Lord, You are our Father;




we are the clay and You are the one who makes us



          like making clay into pots.






We were all made by Your hand.





Will You always be mad at us?