Hey look, anyone who is thirsty, come to the waters.

      If you have no money, come buy wine




and milk without any money.







Why do you spend your money for things that aren’t food?




Why do you work and are still hungry? Why do you spend your money on what doesn’t fill you up?

Listen to me, says the Lord, and you will eat what tastes good and your soul will be full and running over with good stuff.




Listen to me and you will really live;



I make a deal with you, the very strong special love of David.





Look at this, I gave Him to show and lead the people.




You will call nations that you don’t know and they will run to you because the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel is so special.




And He has put His special shiny brightness on you.




Turn to find Him while He is close by you, call to Him because He is right beside you.

Let the bad ones turn away from their bad stuff and the not right ones turn back from their not right thoughts and go back to the Lord and He will be kind and pat you and put His special love on You.





Come back to our God because He is waiting with His great big forgiveness to let go all your bad stuff.





I don’t think like You or do like You, says the Lord.


Because as high as the heavens are above the world, that’s how much better My ways are than yours, says the Lord.


Like the rain comes down from heaven and the snow and waters the world





and makes the trees and food and flowers pop up,

this same way, My word that goes out of My mouth, will do. It will make happen what I want to happen and won’t come back to me until it is done.



You will be let go from where you are with big happiness and be led back home with quietness





and the mountains and the hills






will burst out singing





and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.


The sticker bushes won’t be there anymore but big fir trees and the thorny patches of ground will grow up into trees full of beautiful flowers.


And it will show everyone how good the Lord is and stay there as a sign forever.

This is what the Lord says, Think right and be fair and do right because it is close to time for me to save you: be ready for when I come.


You will be very happy if you do this and keep a strong hold on it: if you rest on My rest day and stop your hand before it does any bad thing.



Don’t anyone from any other country who has come to be the Lord’s say, I am nothing and can’t do anything.

Because the Lord says to the ones who rest in Him and keep resting and choose the things that make the Lord happy and make a deal with Him,





I will give that one a better place in My house that having lots of sons and daughters.





I will give them a name that lasts forever and ever and will never be cut off.


The ones who stay with the Lord and keep loving Him, He will bring to His holy mountain and fill them up with happiness in His house of prayer.




Because My house will be called a house of prayer for all people.



I will gather all the ones who were cast out and thrown away, and many more besides them.





Now the wild beasts come to eat it all up.


The guards who are supposed to be watching are blind, and laying down like dogs loving to sleep, greedy ones that can’t ever get filled up.




The shepherds who lead the Lord’s people don’t know anything about the Lord and only try to keep their own stuff and get more stuff.

They say, Let’s get more wine and fill up with it and tomorrow we’ll do it again and more and keep getting more stuff, more and more everyday.