Get up! Your light is here and the special brightness of the Lord is on you.




Deep black darkness will be all over the world




But the Lord will shine on you and His special shiny brightness will be all over you.




The other nations will come to your special light.



Look around, all come together because the Lord will bring all good things to you from the sea and the nations.



Many camels





        and gold

and good smelling things and good flocks of animals with rams will come to you and be special brightness and honor at My house, says the Lord.







The far away lands wait for Me.


They bring your sons from far away with gold and silver to the Lord because He has made you so special in the world.





I was upset and spanked you




but now I will pour My special love all over you.



Your sons will build My city and make it most beautiful and its gates will always be open.


The countries of the world that won’t help and follow you will fall apart into nothing.




The best trees of the forest will be brought to make beautiful My house.

The sons that made trouble for you will come and bow down at your feet and you will be called the city of the Lord, the Zion of the Holy One of Israel.





They hated you but now they will love you and say you are the best place in the world.




I will make you to be a happy place for everyone for always.


And all the countries of the world will bring you their best stuff.




No one will ever be hurt here again and there won’t be any high taxes or high charges for stuff

but you will be called the place where we are saved from everything bad and the place where we say all the very best words about the Lord.


The sun won’t go down anymore or the moon go away, but the Lord will be your very special light that always shines and your very specialness of everything.



The days of your sadness will be over and gone forever.



Your people will all do the right stuff and the land will be theirs to keep forever.



I will plant it and make it most special.



One person will turn into a thousand and a tiny one will be a strong country.







I, the Lord, will do all this.