The Spirit of the Lord God is on Me because He picked me to tell the good stuff to the ones who aren’t puffed up and will listen to Him.


He sent Me fix the broken hearts so they won’t be broken anymore



and to let loose the ones tied up by the bad ones, and to say it’s the right time for the Lord to get back at the bad ones for all the hurt they did to people






and to pat and make happy all the ones who are sad.


To make them all beautiful instead of sad and lift them high who are heavy with troubles



So they will be called trees that do right, planted by the Lord, to show how great He is.




They will build the broken down places and fix everything up just right.

People from other countries will come and feed their flocks of sheep and herds of cattle and goats





and plant their fields and trim their grapevines.




The Lord’s people will be called Priests of the Lord and Servants of our God.




You will eat all the best things from all the countries of the world and they will brag about how special you are.


You will get back double good for all the bad troubles, but the bad ones will be upset and confused.



You will be bursting with happiness that lasts forever




I, the Lord, love doing the best and right thing.




I hate it when someone steals from someone and then brings it to me for a present.




I will lead my people in the true and right way and make a deal with them that will last forever.


Their children will be the ones everyone talks about all over the world.






All that see them will say how much the Lord has been good to them and made them happy.




I will be so happy in the Lord and bursting with joy in my God because he saved me



and He put on me the clothes that keep on saving me and wrapped me in a robe of His rightness




just like people getting married put on their best clothes and jewels.

Just like the ground pops up buds and flowers from the seeds planted, so the Lord will cause rightness and the best words to come up from all the countries of the world.





Because I love Zion I won’t keep quiet anymore or rest anymore until I make it all better.



The nations will see it and kings will be happy and you will be called a new name that the Lord will give you.



You will be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, a kingly crown in His hand.





You won’t be called empty anymore but Married because the Lord is happy in you with His best special happiness.







I set watchmen in your towers to give no rest until the Lord make you, Jerusalem, the best city in the whole world.





The Lord promised by His strongest arm that your good food won’t be given to the bad ones, your enemies, anymore. But you will eat all the good food you grow.






You will be happy and bring it and eat it at My house.

Go out and tell everyone to the ends of the world, O daughter of Zion, Your Salvation is coming, and look, His reward is with Him and His work is there in front of Him to get it done.

You will be called the most special people, the ones bought back to the Lord, the special ones that He wants.