When men who do right are taken away no one thinks about it that maybe the Lord is keeping them from the bad stuff that is coming.



Ones who do right will rest on their beds with quiet happy hearts.



But the ones who do bad, who won’t listen to the Lord, they are burning themselves up with all their bad stuff.






They sneak around hiding all the bad stuff they do.




They do so much bad stuff that it’s making them very tired.




You say, It will always be like this because you can’t stop doing the bad stuff, but who are you scared of?





Who is the strongest One?



When you get into trouble, call out to the bad ones you bow down to. See if they can help you.




No, the wind will carry them away.





But the one who trusts in Me will keep for his own all the land, and be given forever My holy mountain.



Take the rock out of the road for My people to come to Me.

This is what the Lord says, the Highest of the Highest One who lives in forever, I live in the high and holy place with the ones who bow down to Me to keep their hearts and spirits living for always.





I won’t always be mad at the ones who do bad because then they couldn’t take it.




They wanted everything but Me, the One who made it all and them.





But I will heal them and lead them and pat them until it is all better.





I make everything quiet and happy and I take away every sickness.




But the bad ones are like tall waves on a stormy sea stirring up all the dirt.




There is no quietness and stillness to the bad ones.





Call out real loud,





make your voice like a trumpet




to show My people all the bad stuff they are doing.





They come to Me everyday and are happy to know me and learn what I want.




But you fight and hit each other.



I want you to stop putting lots of silly rules on people and then charging them money when they can’t do it all.




I want you to stop charging too much money for everything.



I want you to give the people back their land that you took





and feed the ones who are hungry




and give back the money you overcharged them.




And put clothes on the ones who don’t have clothes





and go help your family when they need it.



Then you will shine like a beautiful sunrise and you will be well and strong and




the shiny brightness of the Lord will guard you.




Stop saying empty words and let people fill up their hearts on My good words that last forever.

Then the Lord will guide you and you will be like a beautiful garden and your bones will be full and fat with goodness.


You will build the old place that fell down and you will be called, The One Who Fixes everything and makes it better again.



If you turn away from your own fun and do what I want on My Special day and say it is fun, then I will hold you high.





And you will be having fun in Me




and I will make you ride on the high places of the world






and feed you with all My best stuff.






This is what the Lord has said.