People who didn’t look for Me found Me.



I said, Look at Me, Look at Me, to a country of people who were not Mine.


All day long I reached out My hand for a people who went in a bad way, that they thought was the right way, but it wasn’t, it was bad.




They did yukky bad stuff all day and thought they were better then anyone else.



It burned like smoke up My nose so I will give you back what you did and then you’ll see that it was bad.




My people go away from Me and bow down to tree trunks and lumps of metal.



So the ones who look to Me will eat, but you will go hungry. The ones who look to Me will drink, but you will be thirsty.



My servants will sing because their hearts are so happy but you will cry because you are so sad.




Your name will be a bad word that no one is supposed to say.

But the ones who come to me will be happy in the Lord God who is the real and true one, and they will make others happy in the Lord God of truth.




All the bad troubles will be forgotten.


I will make a new heavens and a new earth where the bad stuff won’t be remembered anymore. No one will ever think about it again.



Be very happy in what I make because I will make Jerusalem a big happiness and her people big happiness.





No more crying will ever be heard there.




Babies won’t die anymore but will live 100 years.



The people will build houses and live in them and plant vineyards and eat its grapes.



My people will live as long as the trees and will be happy in the work that their hands do.


And it will happen that before they call to me for something, I will hear them and answer them while they are still saying the words



The lion and the lambs will eat together and the lions will eat straw like the bulls



And dust will be what the snakes eat.




Nothing will hurt anyone in all my special mountain, says the Lord.




This is what the Lord says, Heaven is My throne



and the world is My footstool, so where is the house that you will build for Me? Where will I rest?





My hand made all these things.



I will look at the one who isn’t puffed up and shakes when he hears My word.



Some of them are happy in the bad things that I hate and like to think up weird and silly stuff.



But when I talked, they did not listen. The Lord will pay them back with His voice from the temple.




Can a nation be made in one day?




What I say, I will do, says the Lord God.




Be happy in Jerusalem all you that love her.




You will be filled with the happiest and best stuff.




I will make quietness flow over your land like a river.

All you who were sent away will be brought home and your hearts will be very happy.


For the Lord will come with fire and His fiery chariots like a whirlwind and take away all the bad ones that hate you.




I know what they are thinking about.


I will bring all the countries to come and see My shiny brightness and they will bring all my people home to Me like a present.


Like the new heavens and the new earth will stay in front of Me for always, so you and your children will stay before me always.


 And from one Sunday to another and from one new moon to another all the people of the world will come and bow down  




and be happy in Me, says the Lord.