Look at this: The Lord’s hand is not too short to save but your badness cut you off from Him and hid His face from you.




They run fast to do bad and hurt people.





We are so upset and can’t find a way to be saved.





They lie and do bad against to Lord, staying far away from Him so unfair stuff keeps happening to them.



And the bad ones pick on the ones who turn back to the Lord.




The Lord saw this and was very upset that nothing right or fair was happening.

The Lord saw that there was no one to help so He saved them with His own arm. His rightness kept holding Him up.



He will give back what they deserve and then they will hold Him high from the littlest one of them to the biggest one.



His special brightness will be from where the sun comes up over the whole world.





When the bad ones run in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a sign to stop them.



The One who buys us back will come to Zion to them that turn from the bad stuff, says the Lord.






I will make My special deal with them.




My Spirit that I put on you will stay there and never leave



and My words that I put in your mouth will always stay with you and with your children and grandchildren from now on for ever and ever.