God is so special and high and beautiful that man cannot come close to Him except by His special way that God made.

The people saw how high and special and beautiful God is. He is always perfect and never does anything wrong or bad, but people sometimes do wrong and bad. To be close to God, the bad and wrong has to be taken away.



Like in the beginning when the man ate the fruit he wasn’t supposed to.

To take away the bad, God promised to send His Special Son who will take away all the bad and wrong anyone does. And it will always be gone forever.

So God told Moses what kind of offering to bring that would show His special Son and cover all the bad until the Son came and took it all away.

God said, Tell the people to bring a perfect offering without spots or sickness to the door of My tent and put their hand on its head to send the bad into it and then burn it. This showed God was saying, I love you so much that I will take the bad that you deserve.

When a person did a bad thing that hurt God or another person, when they broke one of the rules God had given them, they were to bring the offering showing how God will take the bad away. When they brought the offering and did it like God said, He forgave them and took all the bad away.


God told what was fair and right in life. He showed how to live in the world He made to keep the bad ones out of it so everything could be good like God planned.

God told of other kinds of offerings that showed that taking time to be with God is the food of our hearts. He told of offerings to thank God for life and all the good things He does for us.

When the people brought the offerings it was sweet to God’s heart and He filled them with His love and fixed their problems and poured many special happinesses into their lives.