When Moses was grown up he went out to see his brothers, the Israelites, who were still working hard for the Egyptians with no pay. The Egyptians even beat them to make them work harder.

When Moses saw an Egyptian beating one of his brothers, an Israelite, he hit him back and it killed him. Moses hid the dead man in the sand. When the king heard about it, he sent to kill Moses so Moses ran away from Egypt.

When he was far away, he sat down by a well. He helped some ladies when shepherds were being mean to them.


The ladies dad was a man who helped people get back to God. Moses stayed with him and worked for him tending his sheep.



The man gave Moses one of his daughters to be his wife. God gave them two sons.

Back in Egypt God heard the cries of the Israelites because of their hard work and how bad the Egyptians were treating them.




God remembered His promise to Abraham to give him and his children after him the special land.

He looked on the children of Israel in Egypt and knew them and started His plan to help them.