God told Moses to tell the people, You will be a special people in the world because I am special and I am with you.

Every one of you is to hold high in his heart his mother and father and remember to rest on My rest day. Do not turn to statues or bad ones to trust them and bow down to them. I am the boss over everything.

When you gather in your crops, leave some behind in the field for the poor and the people from other countries to gather and eat. When you gather the fruit from your trees, leave some behind for the poor and the people from other countries to gather and eat. When you gather the grapes from your vines, leave some for the poor and for the people from other countries to gather and eat.

Do not steal or cheat or lie to each other. Do not tell lies in my name. Do not make my name look bad. Do not hold back pay to your workers or give him less than you should.

Do not say bad things over someone who can’t hear, and do not put a rock in front of a blind person to trip over, but keep your heart held high in me.

Do not hold high people who have lots of money or those who have no money, but count all people the same and do the right thing when you have the power to make the choices between people who are fighting.

Do not go around telling other peoples business. I am the One who controls everything. Do not hate your brother in your heart. Correct your neighbor who is doing wrong so a bad thing won’t happen to him.


Love people and do not get back at them or keep being angry at them. I will take care of the wrongs other people do to you. You love them like you love yourself.

Do not mix different animals together to make babies but keep each one with its own kind. Do not mix kinds of cloth for the clothes you wear. And keep the seeds you plant in the field the same kind, don’t mix them together.





Do not cheat when you weigh or measure things for selling but be honest and true in everything you do.

When anyone breaks one of these rules for right living that I give you, let them bring an offering that shows how much I love you to cover it. They will be forgiven.