Moses was leading a flock of sheep when he came to the God’s mountain. God’s shiny brightness appeared to Moses in bush on fire that was not burned up.

Moses went to see and God called his name, Moses, Moses. Moses said, Here I am.





God said, Don’t come close. Take off your shoes. You are standing on holy ground. I am the God you fathers trusted.






Moses hid his face because her was afraid to look at God.

God told him, I have seen the trouble of my people in Egypt. I have heard their cries and know their sadness.


I am come down to bring them out of their troubles to a big land full and running over with good things.




God told Moses, I will send you to the king. Moses said, Who am I to go to the king?


And God told him, I will go with you. And all of you will come back to this mountain to celebrate with Me.



But what do I say your name is? And God told him to say, I Am the One who always is.




God told Moses, It will be hard. The king won’t let you go. I will have to show many signs of how strong I am before he will let you go.

And you will not leave empty but all my people will be rich. I will make the people of Egypt like you and give you much clothing and gold and silver jewelry before you go. You will carry the riches of Egypt with you when you leave.