Two of Aaron’s sons got puffed up from the bad one and did something different from what God had said to do at His house. They took their fire pans and put sweet smelling spices in them and lit them and walked right in to God’s most special place without making the special sign of what God was going to do for them.



When they didn’t cover themselves with the special sign, fire came out from God and ate them both up and they died right there in front of God.

God told Aaron, Do not drink wine when you come in to Me so you won’t die. I am holy and clean. You must teach the children of Israel what is holy and what is not holy.

The Lord God also told Moses to tell the children of Israel what kind of animals, and birds, and fish they can eat and the ones they are not to eat. All the ones that eat green growing things can be eaten but not the ones that eat other animals or things that are rotting. Do not make yourselves dirty with these animals.

When a woman has a boy baby, she is to wait 30 days after before coming into my house and when she has a girl baby, she is to wait 60 days before coming to Me.

God told Moses and Aaron how to stop sickness that was spreading before people knew about germs. He told them a special thing to do when the sickness was gone to came back into His presence. His presence is where all the happiness is.

Then, to keep the people safe from His great holiness and power hurting them when they came to Him, God made a rule for only Aaron to come into His special place behind the beautiful curtain and only one time a year. The special ceremony would cover all of their badness for a whole year.

The Lord told Moses that the people were not to give offerings to the bad ones any more but to bring them to the door of His tent and sprinkle some of the blood on the altar first before they take the food home for their families to eat.

No one is to eat blood at all. It is my special sign that I am going to die to save you from all badness. So when the people are out hunting and catch an animal they are to pour the blood on the ground and cover it with dust. The animals life is in its blood.


Don’t let the people eat any animal that they find dead on the ground. Anyone that eats it must take a bath and is unclean until the sun goes down. If he does not do this, some bad thing may come on him.

Do not do like the other nations where I am bringing you. Do not join your bodies together with relatives, a mother or father or sisters or brothers or aunts or uncles.

No one is to join their bodies men with men or women with women. No one is to join their bodies with animals. Do not let anyone burn their children in the fire. These things all come from the bad ones.

The reason I am taking these people away and giving this land to you is because they are so filled with badness and wrong things. I’m going to make it all good again.