Tell the children of Israel that whoever follows the bad one and burns his children to the bad one is to be stoned. Take him and throw rocks at him until he is dead. Giving your children to the bad ones and hurting them like that makes me look so bad. I only give life and good things. I control everything, Be only mine.

Anyone who puts bad words on his father or mother is to be stoned too. He did it to himself by doing a bad thing from the bad one.

Do not join your bodies with other men’s wives or with animals, only with your own wife. Do not do the things that the nations do that I am taking out of their land to give their land to you because it stops all my good and makes much trouble and hurt in the world.


The land I am giving you is very good, filled with milk and honey and every good treasure.





You are special because I am special and you are mine.

Any man or woman who lets himself be filled with the bad one is to be stoned. They do it to themselves. Everyone is to say no to the bad ones.

Men who serve at My house are to be perfect men who don’t have sores or broken parts because they stand in for the One I am sending who is perfect. The offerings also are to be animals that are perfect, not broken because the One I am sending is perfect.

Only the priests who serve at My house may eat the special food of My house, not people from other countries. Only the priests family and servants who are living at his house.

Do what I say, and don’t make Me look bad because I am the One who controls everything everywhere and I am the One who makes you special. I brought you out of Egypt. I am the One who controls everything, I am the Lord.


Have a party of happiness to Me and the great life I am giving you on the rest day, and the Passover day, and when you bring in your crops that I give you. Then fifty days later celebrate again. And remember to leave some crops in the corners of your fields for the poor and those from other countries to eat.

Celebrate the day of covering to remember the One I am sending to take away all your badness.

And live in tents made with tree branches every year for seven days: thick branches of good trees, palm trees and willows, and be happy with God to remember that you lived in tents made with branches when I brought you out of Egypt.