When the king heard that the children of Israel had gone, he turned his heart again and ran after them, his whole army with 600 chariots, to catch them and bring them back.

The children of Israel camped by the Red Sea just where God told them to. When they saw the Egyptians coming after them they were afraid and cried out to God.

Then they got mad at Moses and Aaron, and said, It’s better to go back and be slaves to the Egyptians than to die here in the wilderness.

Moses calmed their hearts saying, Stand still and watch God save you from them. When God is finished, you will never see these Egyptians again.





God will fight for you and you will be still.

God told Moses, lift up the staff in your hand and stretch it over the sea and the sea will split for you and the children of Israel will walk through the sea on dry land.

I will be held high in your hearts by this and the Egyptians will know the I AM the One who has all the power and I Am the One who controls everything. Not those things they bow down to.

The Angel of God who was leading the Israelites went behind them to guard them from the Egyptians all night. He stood between the two camps and gave light to the Israelites but darkness to the Egyptians.



God sent a strong east wind all night that separated the waters and dried the ground.

The children of Israel, all the millions of them, walked through the middle of the sea on dry ground with the waters standing as a tall wall on both sides of them.

The Egyptians chased after them with their horses, chariots and cavalry, but God looked down on them through the pillar of fire and cloud and gave them trouble. He took off their chariot wheels so the chariots just dragged on the ground behind the horses.

The Egyptians yelled, The Lord is fighting for them. Let’s get out of here.

The Lord told Moses, Stretch out your hand over the sea. And when he did, the waters returned and covered the king’s army and chariots. Not one remained.

The Lord saved Israel that day. They walked through the sea on dry land. They saw the ones who had beat them and took all their stuff and made them kill their babies lying dead on the seashore.

They saw the great work God had done for them and they believed Him and held Him high in their hearts, Him and His servant, Moses.