God told Moses to go back to Egypt and tell the Israelites that God saw their troubles and had come to save them from the Egyptians.






Moses said to God, What if they don’t believe me that you came to me?

God told Moses to throw the staff in his hand on the ground. Moses did, and it turned into a serpent and Moses ran away from it.  Then God said to Moses, Take hold of its tail. So Moses did, and it turned back into a staff.

Then God said, Now put your hand on your heart. So Moses did and it turned like snow. When he put it back, it turned back again.

These signs are so that the my people will believe you. If the people won’t believe these two signs, you are to take water from the river and pour it on the ground and it will turn to blood.




These will prove that I sent you and am with you, because I have all the power.





Moses said to God, send someone else because I can’t speak well, my words are slow.


God asked him, Who made man’s mouth? I will be with your mouth. Go! I will teach you what to say. I will send your brother Aaron to talk for you.



God said to Moses, When you get back to Egypt, be sure to do all the wonders I showed you before the king.

On the way back to Egypt, Aaron met Moses and was happy and kissed him.

They got back to Egypt and told the Israelites that God knew about their hard troubles and had come to take them away. Moses showed them the signs and they believed God. And their hearts were happy and full of wonder.




When they went into the king and told him to let God’s people go, the king didn’t let them go but made their work harder and wouldn’t give them straw to make the bricks.



When the people got mad at Moses and Aaron, God said to Moses, Now I will show my great power. My name LORD means that I am everywhere and I control everything.

I will buy you back to Me with a strong arm and great troubles upon the Egyptians. I will take you to Me to be Mine. I will be your God and you will be My people.


I will bring you out from this place of very hard work into a beautiful land full of everything you want and need. I control everything.






When you go into the king, tell him all the words that I tell you to say.