The Lord God said to Moses, Go to the king. I have made his heart hard so that I can do these signs to show everyone that I am the One that has all the power. So they will believe in Me and live.

Tell the king, God says, How long will you be puffed up and not listen to me? If you do not let My people go, tomorrow I will bring grasshoppers into your land. They will cover all the ground and eat all the food that is left from the hail.

The grasshoppers were so thick and in all the houses so that the whole land was dark. No one had ever seen anything like this, but with God’s people there was not even one grasshopper.

The king called Moses fast. I have sinned against the Lord, he said, and against you. Please forgive me this one time and take away this death.


So Moses prayed to God and God sent a strong wind that carried away the grasshoppers and threw them into the sea.


Then the king turned back on his word again and said, Go, but only the men can go. He was going to keep their wives and children.

Then the Lord said to Moses, Stretch your hand toward heaven and bring darkness over Egypt, a darkness so thick that you can feel it. No one will be able to see anything. The darkness lasted 3 days. But God’s people had light in their houses.

Then the king said to Moses, You can go, but leave your animals. Moses said, Not one animal's foot will be left.


The king said, Get out! The next time you see my face you will die!  Moses said, That’s right, you will never see my face again.