Then Moses and the children of Israel sang a song to the Lord: I will sing to the Lord because He won the great victory for us.



The Lord is my strength and my song and He has become my life of blessing and I will make a place for Him to live with me.


He cast those who hated me into the sea. Your right hand, O Lord, has smashed in pieces my enemies.

Who is like you O God, among the gods? Full of glory and holiness, awesome in praises, doing wonderful things?

In Your great love you led us and bought us for Yourself. You have guided them in strength to Your holy dwelling place.

Because You are so great, the peoples of nations will be amazed and fear you. They will be still until your people have passed by to their own place. You will bring them in and plant them in Your mountain.





You will reign forever and ever.





The horses and chariots of the king went into the sea and you covered them with the waters but Your people went through the sea on dry land.

Then the people went three days journey into the wilderness. And the water there tasted so bad they couldn’t drink it.

The people grumbled against Moses and said, What shall we drink? Moses cried to the Lord and the Lord showed him a tree that he threw into the waters and it made the waters sweet.

The Lord made a test there for the people and said, If you will listen carefully to My voice and do what is right in My sight, I will put none of the bad things on you that I did to the Egyptians because I am the Lord who heals you.