God told Moses how to do the work at His house to keep the people safe. Give the people who do the work the best from the people’s offerings instead of land to grow food for their families. And have a special way to keep clean for Me when traveling.

As God was leading the children of Israel through the wilderness they came to a place that had no water. And instead of asking God to give them water like He did before, they started arguing and blaming Moses again, saying, Did you bring all of us out here to die?

So Moses and Aaron went to the door of God’s tent and fell on their face to pray and the Glory of God appeared to them. God told Moses, take your staff and gather the people together and stand before the rock and speak to the rock this time and water will come out for the people.

But Moses disobeyed God and yelled at the people, Hear now you rebels, must we get you water from this rock? And Moses hit the rock twice and water came out so that all the people and their animals had plenty to drink.

Then God said to Moses and Aaron, Because you made me look angry to the people and not full of goodness for them, you won’t get to go into the special land I promised them.


Then Moses sent a message to the country of Edom asking them to let the children of Israel pass through their country.

He said, You know we are your brothers and you know all the trouble that happened to us in Egypt and how when we cried to Him, the Lord sent His angel and rescued us. Let us pass through your land. We won’t ruin anything and won’t eat your food or drink your water unless we pay you for it.

But the leaders in Edom said, No, you can’t pass through. So the children of Israel turned another way. At that time Aaron went from this life and was gathered to his family in Paradise.

Before he left, Moses took Aaron and his son, Eleazar, and went up the mountain and took the special clothes Aaron wore in serving God off of Aaron and put them on Eleazar, showing the people that Eleazer was now God’s high priest. He would be closest to God in God’s house and stand in for the people before God.



The people were sad and cried for Aaron for 30 days after he left.

Then, when the children of Israel were attacked by some bad ones they promised the Lord if He would help them win over the bad ones they would destroy all their bad stuff. So God heard them and helped them win.

After that, the children of Israel started complaining again about their angel bread that God gave them from heaven each morning. God got angry and sent fiery snakes into the camp to bite the complainers. The people said, We have sinned, we have talked bad about the Lord and you Moses. Please pray for us.

So Moses prayed and God told him, Make a fiery serpent of brass and put it on a high pole. Whenever someone is bitten, he can look at the brass serpent and he will be healed from the bite and live.

Then Israel sent a note to a king called Sihon. It said, Please let us walk through your country to get to our land. King Sihon said no. Then he gathered his army to fight against Israel. But God protected Israel and helped them win the battle and Israel lived in their cities.



Another king named Og fought against Israel and God also helped Israel and gave them this kings lands. God said, Do not be afraid of them. I have given them into your hand.