God’s people who wanted to give a present to God brought gold and silver and rubies and diamonds and purple, red, and blue cloth, lots and lots of everything precious until there was too much.

God gave certain people special skills to make His beautiful tent with its altars and table and lamp stand and throne with its angels on it. They did it just like God showed Moses on the mountain.




The altars and table had rings and poles to put through the rings so the people could carry everything when God’s cloud lifted and moved to guide them to each new place.

God’s house was so special and so beautiful. No one in the world had ever seen anything like this, because God is so special and beautiful.

They made special clothes for Aaron and his sons to wear while they were doing work inside God’s house. They made pans for carrying fire and spoons for stirring and pots for cooking.

They made oils with perfume and incense from sweet spices.

God told them, On the first day of the first month, set up the place where I will live with you. God told Moses how to set it up and where to put each thing inside.



Then God told him, Put the oil on everything. Then bring Aaron and his sons to the door and wash them and dress them in the special clothes.

When they had done everything God said, God’s cloud came down and covered the tent and His shiny bright glory filled to tent so full that no one was able to go inside.

When the cloud lifted up off of the tent the children of Israel followed where it went. God was leading them to a new place. God’s cloud stayed on the tent all day and fire was on it by night everywhere they went all their days.