The Lord said to Moses, I have made the king think you are a god. Aaron will speak for you. Go tell the king, Let my people go.

I will do many signs and amazing things that men can’t do, to show them that I am the One who made everything and has all the power.

When the king says show us a special sign that you are a god, Then take your staff and throw it on the ground and it will become a serpent.

So Moses and Aaron went to the king and did what God had said. But the king called his own men who follow the bad one and they did the same thing. But Aaron’s staff-serpent gobbled up all of theirs.

The king still wouldn’t let God’s people go. His army kept them working hard for the king and guarded them from leaving.

So the Lord said to Moses. In the morning, go to the king when he goes to the river and say to him, The God who controls everything says, Let MY people go so out of your land to work for ME.



So they did as God said. Moses stood by the river and told the king, Let God’s people go to serve Him.

Since you won’t listen, I will strike the waters of the river with the staff that is in my hand and the waters will turn to blood.

The king’s men who listened to the bad one did the same thing with powers from the bad one. The river and all the waters in the land of Egypt turned to blood and smelled awful. And the fish in the rivers died. But the king still wouldn’t let God’s people go.