When Moses’ wife’s dad heard that the Lord had saved the children of Israel from Egypt, he took Moses wife and two sons and went to meet him where Moses was camped at God’s mountain.

Moses told him all the amazing things God did to Egypt for the children of Israel and he was very happy for all God’s goodness to them.





He said, Now I know that the Lord is greater than the other gods. They were puffed up against the Lord but He was stronger.

Moses’ wife’s dad saw that Moses was helping all the millions of children of Israel’s problems all by himself. They lined up in a long line each day and Moses listened to them and then talked to God about it to fix it.

The dad told Moses, pick honest men from each of Israel’s 12 families and set them over the families, to hear the little troubles but you talk to God, and teach the people God’s ways, and settle the big troubles. So Moses talked to God about this and then they did it.

Then Moses went up the mountain and God called to him and said, Say to the children of Israel, You saw all that I did to the Egyptians, how I lifted you up on My eagles wings and carried you to Myself.



If you will obey my voice and keep my special deal with you, then you will be a special treasure to Me more than all the people of the world; for all the earth is Mine.


You will be a kingdom of priests to me, a holy nation, helping the other nations to get back to Me.

Moses told the people what God said and they answered, All that God has said we are well able to do.

God told Moses to put a border around the mountain that no one break through to see God and die, but wash their clothes and take baths and get ready.

Then on the third day there was thunder and lightning with a thick cloud on the top of the mountain and the sound of a very loud trumpet. The mountain was shaking really hard. Then God came down from His throne in heaven to the mountain.