Moses wrote all the words of God and read them to the people. The people said, We will do all that God says.

Moses made an altar and showed the sign of God’s great love to be poured out to save all people from everything bad.


Then the leaders went up the mountain with Moses. They stopped far off but Moses went close to God. They all saw His amazing beauty and their hearts said, Ahhhh, and were filled with happiness!




God said to Moses, Come up here and I will give you tablets of stone with my rules written on them so that you can teach them to all My people.

When Moses got to the top of the mountain God told Him to let the people who wanted to bring gold and silver and blue and purple and scarlet and beautiful linen to make a special tent for God to stay in with them.


God showed Moses exactly how to make everything for His tent so the God of heaven could live and be with His people.

The tent was of beautiful red, purple, and blue curtains. First thing, inside the door was an altar of shiny brass where they showed how much it will cost God to buy us back to Himself.

There was a basin of shiny brass for the priests to wash in and be clean when they are with God. Next was a beautiful golden table showing that God is the bread of our hearts.

And then there was a shiny golden lamp stand with seven lights burning that shows that God is the light for life. And a beautiful golden altar to burn sweet smells on showing that it is sweet to God when we talk to Him.

Then there was tall, beautiful curtain covering God’s most special place. Inside it was a wooden box covered with gold that had a seat made all of gold for God to sit on and two golden angels with four wings guarding over it.

God the Lord told Moses, Take your brother Aaron and his sons and make beautiful clothes for them. They will do special things for me.

And make a special gold plate with 12 stones in for the children of Israel. I will carry them on my shoulders and over my heart.


Do the special ceremony that I show you for them to come near Me where I live in the midst of My people.

I have called a man and filled him with My Spirit and wisdom and knowledge to make all My things. And I have given him a helper and all the wise hearted among the people will help.


Tell the children of Israel, Be sure to rest on My rest days, That is a special sign between Me and My people forever.

When God finished speaking to Moses and showing him all the plans for everything He gave Moses two tablets made of stone where God had written His rules with His finger.