When Moses finished setting up God’s beautiful tent and put the sweet smelling oil on all of it and did the ceremonies to make it special to God, then the princes of Israel’s families brought presents to God’s house to serve God with.

They each took their turn and brought wagons and oxen to carry most of the things, and they brought gold and silver bowls and spoons full of incense, and lambs, rams, and goats.

When they finished bringing their gifts, Moses went into the tent and they heard the voice of God speaking to him from the mercy throne between the four winged angels. God, the Maker of the universe talked with him.

God told Moses to have Aaron light the lamps and then take all the thousands of the sons of Levi and do the ceremonies to set them apart as special to serve God at his house. I give as a gift to the children of Israel the sons of Levi to serve me here instead of all their firstborn sons.

Keep all the things of the Passover at its time each year. Any man who can keep it but does not bring the offering which covers his wrongs will get the bad things he deserves for doing the wrongs. Those who do bring the offering that covers, I see them as perfect as My Son. Bad things will not happen to them for their wrongs.

Strangers from other countries can keep the Passover just the same as My people. Have the same rules for people from other countries who stay with you in My special land.

On the day Moses set up God’s tent, God’s cloud covered the tent in the day and at night God’s fire was on the tent all through the night. God always stayed with His children.

And when the cloud lifted up, the people took down their tents and followed God. When the cloud stayed on God’s tent, the people rested in their tents.

The Lord talked to Moses and told him to make two silver trumpets. Blow them to call the people together. Make a different sound for the camp to move forward and a more different sound when you go to fight to break free from enemies who press in on you. When I hear the trumpet I will save you.


And blow the trumpet as you make offerings to Me and as you celebrate your feasts.

When the cloud lifted up and God’s cloud moved forward Moses said, Rise up Lord and let your enemies scatter. When God’s cloud stopped, Moses said, Come back, Lord, to the many thousands of Israel.


Then the people complained about their food, the angel’s bread that God gave them from heaven each day. They wanted the old food from when they were in the land of Egypt. Give us meat to eat, they cried with tears.

The Lord heard them complaining and was not pleased. Fire came out from Him and started burning up some of them. The people cried out to Moses and Moses prayed to the Lord and the fire stopped.


Then Moses told God that all the people’s troubles were too much for him so God put His Spirit on 70 of the leaders of Israel to help Moses with helping the people.


Then God sent out a wind to bring quail from the sea until they covered the camp of Israel for 20 miles around on all sides and up to the waist. The people gathered baskets and baskets of the quail and ate it until they were so full of it they didn’t want any more ever.

God sent a great sickness on the people because all they cared about was food and they said it was better to be slaves in Egypt than to be with God.

Then Moses’ sister, Miriam, and Aaron got puffed up and talked bad about Moses. But Moses was very still before God. He pleased God more than any other man in the whole world.

So God called the three of them to His tent and said, Listen now to my words. I show myself to most people in a vision or dream. Moses is better than them because I talk with him face to face. He is most faithful in all my house. Why were you not scared to talk bad about him?

Then God got angry and left them and a sickness started on Miriam’s skin. Aaron said to Moses, Please forgive us. And Moses cried out to God, Heal her now God, please! The Lord said, Let her stay outside the camp and be ashamed for seven days, then she will be healed and can come back in.