God led the people on their journey to God’s promised land of great happiness. And they put up their tents to rest, but there was no water there for the people to drink. And they got thirsty and grumbled and said to Moses and Aaron, Did you bring us out of Egypt to kill us? We’re all thirsty and our animals are thirsty.

So Moses bowed before God and cried out to Him, What can I do? The people are ready to throw rocks at me to kill me. God told Moses, Take the staff in your hand that you struck the rivers with and go with the leaders to stand out in front of the people.

I will stand before you there. Take the staff and hit the rock and water will come out. So Moses did this in front of all the people. He hit the rock and water came out, lots of water for all the people and animals to drink.




Then a nation of warriors who follow the bad one came against the children of Israel to kill them and take all their treasure.

So Moses told Joshua to call out Israel’s men to fight. And Moses stood on top of a hill over the battle with the staff of God in his hand. When he held up the staff, Israel won but when he let his arm down to rest Israel lost the battle.

So the men with Moses took a big stone for Moses to sit on and they held up Moses hands steady and sure with the staff of God until the sun went down. So Israel won the battle against the bad ones because of God’s power over everything.

Then the Lord told Moses, Write in a book and keep reminding Joshua that I will take away all thoughts of this bad nation from under heaven. I will always fight against the bad ones so that people can be happy and have the good lives that I want them to have.



Then Moses built an altar to God and they thanked Him for being so good and helping them so much.