God told Moses, Go into the king again and tell him, Let my people go to serve Me. If you do not let them go but keep them for yourself, the hand of the Lord will be on your horses and all your animals with a very strong sickness.



I will shield My people’s animals from this. Not one of them will die.

It happened like God said. The king wouldn’t listen and let the animals die. But not one died of God's people because HE protected them.

Then God said to Moses and Aaron, Take handfuls of ashes from the furnace and let the king see you sprinkle the ashes to toward heaven. It will become boils and sores on men and animals but not on My people.



Say to the king, You puff yourself up against Me and My people. Tomorrow at this time I will send a heavy rain with rocks of ice and fire falling from the sky.

Some Egyptians listened to the word of the Lord and took their animals inside so they were protected when the rain and hail came. God didn’t let the rain with fire and ice rocks fall on His people.

The food growing from the ground was pounded down and ruined. Trees were broken. None of this would happen if the king would listen to God.

The king sent for Moses and Aaron. He said, You are right. I and my people are wrong. Please ask God for me to stop this awful thunder and hail. I will let the people go.

When the king saw the thunder and hail stop, he turned again and wouldn’t let the people go.