The Lord told Moses, I will bring one last trouble on the king. After it, he will let you go.


Tell the people to borrow from your neighbor, jewels of gold and jewels of silver.



God made the people pleasing to the Egyptians when they borrowed from them and they gave them lots of gold and silver jewels.

Moses told the people, The Lord says, At midnight, I will go out into the middle of Egypt and strike down all the firstborn from the king’s house to the lowest slaves house and all the firstborn of the animals.

The people will cry very loud. Nothing like this has ever happened. (But remember how they killed your baby boys) Then they will make you leave Egypt.

I show my wonders so that all the people will know that I am the One who made them and they will trust only Me and always live.

Then God said to Moses, Tell the people that this will be the start of the months of the year for you.


On the tenth day of this first month every man is to take a lamb. Put its blood on the top and sides of the door to your house.

Have everyone in your house eat part of it. and burn what’s left. Be dressed and ready to go, to leave Egypt. But stay inside and do not leave your house until the morning.

I will pass through the land of Egypt at midnight and strike the Egyptians. And when I see the blood on the door, I will pass over your house safely. I will not allow the destroyer to come inside your house and strike you.

Do this ceremony once every year forever. And when your children ask you, why do you do this ceremony? Tell them, The Lord passed over our houses and kept us safe when He struck down the firstborn of the Egyptians.

When all they people heard this, they bowed their heads. Their hearts were filled with love for God that He had come for them and was doing great things to save them.