The Lord told Moses to keep the light always burning in His tent and keep 12 cakes on the table, for Aaron and his sons to eat in my holy place. Because I am always here for each person.



When two men were fighting in camp, one of the said sharp hurtful words cursing God. He was arrested and they asked God what should happen to the man. God said, he must bear his sin. He will die. All the people are to stone him.

God also said, Anyone who kills another person is to be killed. If someone kills an animal that belongs to another person, he must replace it. Anyone who hurts another person, the same thing is to be done back to him.

The Lord told Moses, Tell the children of Israel, When you come into the special land I give you, You will give the land a rest too. For six years plant crops and trim your vineyards, but on the seventh year, don’t plant or trim anything. It will grow lots of food for you and your people and animals and people from other countries to eat that year too.

And count seven sets of rest years, 49 years and have a special year of celebration on the 50th year. Give every family their starting property that year. Everyone goes back home to the land God gave their family at first.


Do not press in on other people by charging too much money for things. If you do the things that I say you will be very happy and have much and I will keep you safe.

If someone becomes poor and has to sell his land or himself to pay his bills, you can buy it back for him. Help the poor and don’t charge them extra. Don’t treat Israelites like slaves when they work for you but be fair and kind. I am the One who controls everything.

If someone wants to give himself to me for a while let him bring the amount of pay that that times work would get. If someone wants to give something else to me for a while, like one of his animals or one of his fields, let him not change it or change his mind. If he changes his mind then let him add more to it.

All the first tenth part of whatever comes to anyone is the Lord’s, set apart as special, giving back some of what He has given us because everything comes from Him.

The Lord told Moses, Count and make a record of the names of the children of Israel who are able to fight with me in the war against the bad ones. Count the men who are 20 years old and older in each family of Israel. When they finished counting they found 605,350 warriors for God.




The Lord said to Moses, Don’t count the family of Levi as soldiers because they carry and do the work at My tent. And people from other countries are not to come near My tent.




The children of Israel did all that the Lord said.

Each of the children of Israel’s 12 families had a flag with a special symbol on it that was only for them. They put the flag on a tall pole so everyone could see it.

God told Moses to have each family camp together behind their flag, far off but around His tent. The tents of the family of Levi were around God’s tent and then each family gathered their tents in order behind their own flag going to the East, the North, the South and the West. God told they where to camp.

God told Moses which families from Levi were to camp where around God’s tent and what their job would be at God’s big beautiful tent. Some carried the boards, some carried the curtains, some carried the table, and some carried the lamp stand.

God gave Moses good and right rules for everything in life. He gave the way to fix it when we mess up and do wrong or things from the bad ones.

God has all the power and knows that we are not strong like Him. He wants us to lean on Him and let Him be our strength.

He gave Moses special words to speak over His people to bless them because words have power because we are made like the One who has all the power.

Aaron and his sons were to say these words when they gathered together to celebrate how good God is: The Lord make you happy and guard you. The Lord make his face shine on you pour grace on you. The Lord lift up His face on you and give you peace.




God said, This is how you put My name on them and I will bless them.