After the Israelites worshipped the golden calf instead of God, the One who made them, God said to Moses, I will not go in the middle of you up into the special land full of good things because you are hard against me. So I won’t get angry and gobble you up.

The people were very sad when they heard this and they took off their jewels. Moses moved God’s tent from the middle of the people to outside the camp far away. When someone wanted to talk to God they went out there to His tent.

When Moses went outside the camp to talk to God, all the people stood in the doorways of their tents and bowed and got quiet with God in their hearts.


Then God came down in His cloud and stood at the door of His tent to talk to Moses face to face like friends talk to each other.


Moses said to God, We don’t deserve it, but let your grace be on us, keep us as your people, go with us. We are a special nation in the world only because You are with us.



God answered, I will go with you, and I will give you rest. Moses said, If you don’t go with us, don’t take us to the good land.



Then Moses said to God, I want to see all about you, Show me your glory.

God told Moses, Cut two tablets of stone like the first ones you broke and I will write the words that were on the first ones. In the morning, come up the mountain and stand before me.

The Lord came down in a cloud and stood with Moses. Then the Lord passed by and showed Moses all His amazing goodness that has no end. He said, The Lord, the One who controls everything is kind and full of grace, suffers long, and is full of goodness and truth, filling thousands with His love, forgiving their wrongs and errors.  But punishes generations that won’t accept His love.

Moses hurried and bowed down, His heart full of love for God. He said, Please go with us and keep us for your own even though we do wrong sometimes.

God said, I will do an amazing thing that I have never done before in the world. It is an awesome thing I will do. Watch what I command you this day, because I will drive out nations before you.



Be sure to break down their altars and statues of the bad things they worship, cut down the trees where these statues stand. You are to bow to no one but me. (I made everything and everyone).



Do not make any deals with the people where I lead you. Do not let your sons marry their daughters or their daughters marry your sons because they will take you away from Me who gives you life and all good things.


Make no melted statues. Remember the great price it will cost me to buy you back to me. And remember to eat nothing that puffs up for seven days in its time of celebration. Remember to give me your firstborn animals and buy back your firstborn sons.





Remember to rest on My rest day. Work six days and then everyone and everything is to rest.

When Moses came down from being with God, his face was shining with God’s brightness. The children of Israel saw it and were afraid to come close to Moses.