Paul wrote a letter to the brother called Titus that said, I am sent by Jesus to serve God


and to help the ones God knew would believe in Him who want to know the truth about being with Him.

the ones who will live for always with Him like God promised them before He started the world.





God cannot lie.




In these times God showed His special true words by men calling them out, just like God and the One who saved us said to do.

Titus, you are my own son in believing. God’s special amazing love and peace be on you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus who saved us.





I left you there in Crete to set everything in order in the church family there.

Pick leaders who don’t do the bad stuff and pick ones only have one wife and who don’t get into fights, or go be in riots, or do other bad stuff.

Pick men who don’t get mad easy, and who don’t drink too much wine, and pick ones don’t hit people or try to get lots of money.

Pick ones who love to have people come eat and stay at their houses, and pick ones who aren’t drunk, but who are fair and keep good control over themselves.

Pick ones who stick tight to God’s special writings and who teach it to others, and who are able to show the ones who don’t want it that it is good and right.




There are lots of ones who talk bad about God and tell wrong stuff. They must be stopped from that kind of talking. They just do it to trick people out of their money.

Set them right real quick so they will stand strong in believing Jesus. Don’t listen to silly stories or the rules that men make up.




To the pure ones all things are pure, but to the dirty ones, everything is dirty, even their thinking.


They say they know God, but they still act like the bad ones, and are really yukky, doing all the bad stuff.

But you tell the right stuff so the older men so will be solid in faith and love and kindness and the older women will be good teachers of the younger ones, not drinking too much wine, but teaching good things.


And so they will show the younger women how to love their husbands and children and how to stay home and obey their husbands, so bad stuff won’t be said about God.




Teach the young men to not be silly or drunk but keep their minds clear. Show them how to do everything good and not tricky or twisted, so no one can say anything bad about you.

Teach servants to obey their masters and do good work that makes them happy, not talking back or stealing, but being good and helpful because that is like putting beautiful jewels on Jesus.

Teach them to turn away from bad stuff that the world thinks is important, but to keep looking for the shiny brightness of Jesus when He comes back to get us. That lasts forever.

He is the great God who gave Himself to save us from all the bad stuff and makes us special and full of good stuff.



Teach all this with big strongness and set the bad ones on the straight path.




Don’t let anyone hate you.

Tell them to obey the rulers of the cities and countries where they live and not to be fighting or hitting people or hating, the way we used to be.

But when the kindness and special love of God was showed to man, not by good stuff we did but by His special amazing love He saved us, and washed us clean, and made us new in His Holy Spirit which He gave us.



He erased all the bad stuff written on our record and wrote all Jesus good stuff on our record and gives us all the good stuff that Jesus will get forever.


So keep on watching that you do the right stuff because that is what helps everyone.

Stay away from silly questions and searching for the birth lines of your grandfathers, and don’t fight about the rules because that stuff won’t get you any rewards.


Ones who are all tangled up in that stuff are doing bad and bringing bad on their own self.

Keep doing the right stuff that makes good fruit of happiness and love to God, so you will have lots of fruit that lasts forever.



Say ‘hi’ to the ones who love us in the faith. God’s amazing special love be with all of you. We believe it.