Paul sent another letter to the followers of Jesus who lived in the city called Corinth and they passed it around to all the other followers in that part of the country. He said, All God’s special love and peace to you from God our Father and the One who rules over everything, Jesus, His special Son.

God is the most happy One who helps us always, and makes better every trouble. And He helps us help other people who are in trouble.



The troubles Jesus had when He was in the world are on us too, and so is the good help that He is to us, so we can help you, too.


When you hurt and have trouble God will make it feel much, much better and make you strong in Jesus.

He saved us from a great death and keeps on saving us. And you help too, when you pray for us. Because of this help we are very happy in you and you in us on the day when Jesus comes back to the world.


I want to come to you and help you again. Is that ok? God is the true one and always says YES! Not yes and no.


All God’s good special promises to us are always YES! It shows how good God is.




God makes us stand strong with you in Jesus.



God put special power on us and gave His Holy Spirit in our hearts to guard us and help us.



We want to help your faith and help you be happier. You stand by what you believe.



I don’t want to come being upset, to help you stop doing bad stuff. Then I would be sad when we should be happy.



Last time I was really sad when I wrote that first letter to you. I was crying a lot. I love you so much.


Anyone who makes you sad by making you share in his bad stuff, let him get spanked. Then forgive him and let it go and don’t think about it anymore. And tell him you love him.

If you don’t forgive, the bad one will get hold of you and make trouble. You know how he wants to make trouble. Whoever you forgive, I forgive too. I forgive in Jesus.

We thank God that we always win in Jesus and we show his specialness everywhere. Knowing Him smells so good and we are a sweet smell to God in Jesus.


Who is big enough for all these special good things? We don’t twist up and cancel the special words from God but tell them true. From God, we tell our words in Jesus.


Do we talk about us and make it all about Me? Do we need people to tell how good we are working for God? Do we need someone to write a letter to tell how good we are?

You are what shows how good we are working for God. You are the letter that God writes to the world on people’s hearts. We aren’t enough by ourself. God makes us enough. He is the one who does our work in us.




Bad stuff makes dead but the Spirit makes alive.

Moses face shined with God’s special shiny brightness so much that the people couldn’t look at Him when Moses had been talking with God on Mt. Sinai. So, lots more shiny brightness in us now that all the bad stuff is gone and Jesus’ Spirit lives in us.

But their thinking was made blind who didn’t want God. When you turn to Him, then you can see Him.

The Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit is, we are free. We look at His shiny brightness and He makes us to be like Him.

So since we have this treasure that never ends, we keep on working, telling people about Jesus.




We turn away from the tricky stuff and the bad stuff and tell God’s words right and true.


If people don’t want to see it, they don’t want to know. The bad one wants to keep their eyes blind.

But God told the light to shine out of the darkness.   And His light shines in our hearts so we will know the special shiny brightness of God in Jesus’ face.


We have this most special treasure in our bodies, houses of clay so the power will be from God and not us.


We have troubles but aren’t upset. People try to hurt us but God is our shield. We always put our hearts bowing down to Jesus so that His power can live out inside us.

We know that the One who raised Jesus up will raise us up too, and we will be there together with Him. And all will say big thank you’s to God.





God makes us stronger in Jesus every day.

Every trouble makes us have bigger and bigger shiny brightness from Jesus because what our eyes see is what will go away, but what our heart sees will last on and on forever and ever.