Paul wrote a letter to the followers of Jesus that lived in the city called Ephesus.

He said, God’s special amazing love and peace from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus the promised One be on you.


Most happy of all is God and the Father of Jesus who put on us every happy good thing in the heavenly places in Jesus.

He picked us in Jesus before He made the ground of the world, to be special and with no blame on us standing before God in Jesus.


He set us out from before the start of everything to be His adopted children because that was what He wanted most.


And the best words and best special shiny brightness to Him because He did this and made us all cleaned up to be with Him forever.


We were bought back to God by Jesus’ blood and He let go every bad thing we did because His special amazing love is so rich.



And He made us smartest and wisest and showed us His hidden secrets that He hid inside Himself like He always planned.


So that when the right time came, God would gather together everything into one in the promised one, everything in heaven and in the world, in Jesus.

By Him we all get to have everything for our very own like God planned from before the start of everything. God works out everything like He wants it.



God did it so that we would always see, and show His special shiny brightness, we who trusted in Jesus first.


When you heard the words about Jesus, you believed in Him and leaned on Him, and God gave you His Holy Spirit to live inside you.




He is the first part of all that you will be given to own forever.


And, Paul said, since the first time I heard about how you believe in Jesus and how you love the followers, I keep on praying for you

That God, the God of Jesus and the Father of all shiny brightness may give you a spirit that gives wisdom and knows everything in Jesus so that

The eyes of your mind will be opened so that you get it, and know why He called you to Him, and how rich is the special shiny brightness that God will give all the followers to keep forever.

And too, so you will know how big is the power that works in us who lean on Jesus. It is that same power God used when He lifted Jesus up from being dead

And sat Jesus down right beside Him in the heavenly places high above all the other powers and kings, so that the name of Jesus is most high above every other name ever, in this time and in all the times to come.

And the Father in heaven put everything under Jesus feet and put Jesus to be the head in charge over all the followers, the church, who are His body and the bursting forth of Him that fills all of everything everywhere.




And God made you alive in Jesus when you were dead in your bad stuff





because He is rich in special amazing love and raised us up from the dead stuff






and made us sit with Jesus in heaven so that in the times to come it will show His amazing special love.


You are saved by believing in Jesus, not by stuff you do. It is a present from God. Not from man’s works so no one can brag.



We are a beautiful poem made in Jesus to do good stuff that God planned before He made anything.

Back then we were doing bad, and were kept apart from God’s people, and didn’t know the promises that God made us, and didn’t have anything happy coming in our life, and we were alone in the world, without God.




But now, we who were far away from Him are close now by the blood of Jesus.






Jesus is our peace and quiet in our hearts.




He made the two apart ones, into one together, and took away all stuff that was in the way, all the rules we broke.



Jesus killed all the stuff that was standing in between us and God and came and told everyone far away and everyone close.

So by His one Spirit we both are now close to God. We are now His children in His house built on the special words from the ones who God told before us and Jesus is the head top stone of the building.



We are all built up and growing into a beautiful temple for the Lord by the Spirit.