Let every one stay under the rulers because God put all the rulers in their places. If you are against the ruler, you are being against God and will be spanked.

Rulers are not against good but against bad stuff. Do what is good and it will put good on you. The rulers are over you to bring God’s good stuff on you.




And the rulers are there to put bad on the bad ones. Pay what you owe to other people and pay your taxes.

Love each other because that is doing the rules that God gave. Love doesn’t do bad to anyone. It is time to wake up from being asleep because the time for us to be saved is now real close.

The dark times are almost gone so let’s don’t do dark stuff. Let’s throw away the dark stuff and put on the shield of light.

Let’s do what is true and right and not be partying and drinking wine all day or making love or fighting or wanting other stuff. Put on Jesus and don’t let the old part of our self be in charge over us.

Don’t turn away from followers who only believe a little bit. Don’t think down on them because they only believe a little bit. It’s not for you to say anything about anyone. They belong to Jesus. God can make them stand strong.


Some people think you can only eat vegetables and some think its ok to eat everything. One thinks every day is special and another thinks only some days are special.




They both do it because they are trusting God.



We don’t live to ourself; we live to the Lord. Whatever we do, we are the Lord’s.




All will bow to Jesus, so don’t be holding too high or putting down low, the other followers.

Everyone has to stand in front of God and tell Him all that they did. We won’t stand in front of other people and they won’t stand in front of us to answer about what they do.


If another follower is upset because you are eating something they think is bad, don’t do it so you won’t upset them.

God’s kingdom isn’t about what you are eating or drinking. It is about loving God and being happy in the Holy Spirit.




Let’s just help each other and not fight. Let’s only build up each other.

Don’t make your brother trip and fall just for a bite of food. All food is ok because God made everything pure in Jesus, but it’s not good to make someone else trip and fall because of what you eat.


You are happy if you know you are doing right and if you are not down on yourself or someone else.




If you aren’t trusting, you aren’t believing, and that is bad and brings bad stuff on you.

Paul told the followers in Rome in his letter, If we are strong we need to carry the weak ones and not do only what we want.


Jesus didn’t just do what He wanted but did what is best for us. The special writings say, the bad stuff for them fell on Me, said Jesus.


It was all written that we might be sure that His good stuff is coming to us. Let God help you think like Jesus thinks, to show all the amazing specialness of God.



Be happy in the Lord and say the best words to Him because He will make it all right and good.

And the God who makes everything peaceful and happy and good, fill you up with all special happiness by the Holy Spirit.

I was very brave to write to you because of the special love of God to me to tell the other countries all about the good news about Jesus who sets us as special to Him by His Holy Spirit.




God gave many special signs and wonders by His Spirit in me.



I tried real hard not to tell about Jesus in the same places where the people had already heard about Him, but to go where the people hadn’t heard about Him yet.

Now I beg you because of Jesus and His love in His Holy Spirit for us, that you keep praying for me that the bad ones won’t stop me or get me at all, so that I will get there to see you very happy. And we will all be very happy.





God will stay with you and keep your life good.


Help the lady whose name is Phebe to do her work because she has helped lots of Jesus’ followers.




Say ‘hi’ to Priscilla and Aquila who help me a lot and were in danger from the bad ones for helping me.





Say ‘hi’ to all the other ones who have helped us and are close to my heart. There are lots of them.


Watch out for the ones who don’t want Jesus but only care about what they want and who trick you with pretty words.



I want you to be thinking smartly and not tricked and don’t follow any bad thing.





God will smash the bad one under your feet real quick.






God’s special love be with you every day.

Now to the One who has all power to keep you strong and show you every amazing secret that Jesus showed to us. Let the only smart God who last forever get all the special words and brightness through Jesus forever.