We know that when our body, the house for our souls and spirit in this world, is gone we have a house made by God to walk around in that lasts forever in heaven.

We want that real bad so our hearts won’t be naked and bad stuff will all be gone forever and we will be filled with the best life ever.

The one who did this is God, who gave us the first part of it when He gave us His Holy Spirit. So now we do everything we know that Jesus said so that He will be happy with the stuff we do because we will stand in front of Him soon to get back from Him treasures for the right stuff we did in the world, and for the bad stuff. That will be scary if we only did bad.

Be happy with us, and know what to say to the ones who only care how it looks on the outside, but still have lots of bad stuff in their hearts.




God’s big love keeps us doing what is right and best for you.

Since One died for all, then all are dead. So they won’t live anymore just for themself, but for the One who died for them and then was raised up. That’s makes us new ones in Jesus and the old bad stuff is gone and everything is new.




Everything is from God who brought us back to Him by Jesus and sends us to tell others so they will come back too.




God was inside Jesus bringing the world back to be always with Him.




God made Jesus to be our bad, and then spanked it in Jesus, and then puts Jesus’ good in us.




So don’t know all this and then forget it but keep it always in your heart because the time is real close.




Don’t do bad stuff that could make God look bad but keep close to God and do what He says no matter what bad stuff may come on you.




Be pure and know what is true and be kind by the Holy Spirit and really love, don’t pretend.



By the power of God be true and right whether people are nice to your or not. Be always happy even when it is sad times. You may be poor but you are making many people rich.

Don’t join together with people going the other way, the people following the bad ones. That can only make trouble because God won’t be with bad ones.



You are God’s house He lives in, so bad ones can’t be there. God said He will be in us and walk in us and we will be His.


He said, Come away from them and I will be yours. I will be a Father to you and you will be My children.



Since God gave us so many great promises, you ones that I love so much, let's stay clean from all the bad stuff and stay quiet, loving God.



We didn’t do bad to any of you and we didn’t turn any of you to do bad either and we didn’t cheat any of you.




You are in our hearts so that its like we are there with you and you are here with us.

We had troubles and fears when we went to Greece, but God always makes it better and chases away the troubles and fears, and keeps hugging us patting us so we will know that its all ok.

You are so much for me that it makes me so happy. I was sorry to made you sad when I had to tell you to stop doing bad. But God turned that into a big happy thing for you and us.


And now you are so careful not to do any bad. And you are full of power to do good.




I showed you the bad you were doing so you would know later how much we love you.



We should not ever be sorry to tell what is true and to help people not do bad stuff.



I am real happy because now I know that you will always do what is right.

And, my brothers, I want you to know about the followers and brothers in Greece. Lots of bad stuff happened but it just made them lean on Jesus more and be more happy and made them do lots more good stuff in Jesus.

You are bursting full of faith and knowing and trying hard and bursting full of God’s special love.

We know that Jesus had all the riches when He was in heaven but left it all to come here to be poor to save us so He could make us all rich like Him.

So don’t care lots about your money either but give it to help other ones who need Jesus. Not so you won’t have enough and them have too much, but so that you both have everything you need.

You helped send Titus along to do God’s work and we sent him with the brother to take the big gift you gave to them. Make sure it only goes for the best and honest things.

I know you will do what is right. They show the churches the shiny brightness of Jesus. So show them how much you love them.