Paul wrote another letter. This letter was to the followers of Jesus at the town that’s name was called Corinth. Jesus set His followers apart to Himself and calls them special.


Paul said, God give His special love and quietness on you from God and from Jesus who is the boss over everything.

I thank God everyday, Paul said, for the special love that He put on you by Jesus and I want you to be all full of His richness and happiness in all your words and in everything you know as you wait for Jesus to come from heaven to get us.



God won’t ever let go of you but called you to come to Him and always be with Him in Jesus.

So, I beg you, brothers, by who Jesus is, that you stop being apart from each other and fighting with each other, but stay together in Jesus thinking the same stuff.

Some of you are saying you heard about Jesus by this one guy and others are thinking you are better because you heard from this other guy. And, some of you were dunked by one guy and some of you were dunked by another guy. Jesus isn’t all split up like that.


Jesus didn’t send us to dunk but to tell the good words that save us. His words have all the power.

Ones who don’t want Jesus think the words are silly, but God’s silliness is smarter than man’s smartness. Man didn’t know God by the smartness of the world but by the words of His power.

God likes to save the people of the world by these words because these words are stronger than people.

God picked the silly ones to make silly the ones who think they are smart. And God picked the weak ones to be make weak the ones who think they are strong.

The low stuff that the world hates is what God takes to make the best forever and to make nothing of the ones that think they are something so that no one can brag when we are with Him.



From God you are in the promised One, Jesus, who made us smart and right and special. For you ones who brag, brag about the Lord.

Paul said more in the letter. He told them, I didn’t come to you with the best words of smartness to tell you about God. I was weak and scared and shaking. And my words weren’t high and beautiful words, but they had the power of the Spirit in them, so that your trust in God would stand in the power of God, not in the smartness of man.

We don’t talk in the smartness of the world because that will disappear, but we tell you the smartness of God in a secret, that is hidden smartness that God set up before the world was made, for our shiny brightness forever.






The princes of the world don’t know about it. If they knew they wouldn’t have killed Jesus, the Lord of all shiny brightness.

The special writings say that the eyes can’t see and the ears cant hear, and it can’t go into your heart, all the wonderful things that God has made for the ones that love Him. But God showed them to us by His Spirit. The Spirit knows and always looks at all the secret specialness of God.


God gave us His Spirit from above, not the spirit of the world, so that we might know the stuff God gave us for free.




The ones who don’t want God don’t know this stuff. But the Spirit of God shows us what is true and right. We have the true thinking of Jesus.

Paul said more to the followers in the city of Corinth. He told them, I can’t tell you the stuff from the Holy Spirit because you are still living like when you were doing bad. I have to still give you milk like you were babies.



We are God’s field that He plants in and God’s building that He builds. He is the smartest builder.

Paul said, When I tell you about God, I have put down the floor and then another man builds on that floor. So watch how you are building.

The only floor to build on is Jesus, the promised One, God’s Son that He sent from heaven. Some build on the floor gold, silver, and precious stone. Some build with wood, hay, and trash.

What you build with will all be showed by fire. God’s fire will test every work to show what it is made of. If it is gold, silver, and precious stones it will last and be his for always and ever. But if its wood, hay, and trash, that will be burned up. That one will still be saved, but his works will be burned up.

Don’t you know that your body is the temple that the Holy Spirit lives in and if you make it dirty by bringing in bad stuff from the bad ones, then God will have to get rid of that bad stuff. You are the house God lives in. Don’t trick yourself. If anybody seems to be smart, then let him bow down and listen to God, then he will really be smart; because the smart stuff of this world is silly to God.





God knows that all the stuff of the world is empty. So don’t brag about people. Everything is yours and you belong to Jesus and Jesus belongs to God.

We are God’s workers who give out the great treasure of Him to everyone. God’s workers need to stay close to God and do what He says and not be wandering off away from Him.

God will say what is true and right about everything we do. We don’t know everything about what other people are thinking, so we aren’t supposed to be the judge of other people about their workings for God. We only know what God shows us.


Don’t be trying to judge anything now. Wait until the Lord comes back and He will show all the stuff that was hidden in the dark and will show what everyone was thinking in his own heart. And God will tell His followers how good they did.




I am telling you this stuff so you won’t think more about people than what is written in the special writings. Don’t get puffed up against each other.



Who made you different from the other followers? And who gave you everything you have? You act like God didn’t give it to you but like you made it yourself?



I sent Timothy to help you. He is my loved son, and he stays close to the Lord. He will help you remember everything I told you.




The kingdom of God is not words, but power. I want to come and show love to you, not spank you.