John wrote a letter to the older lady and her kids that he loved in Jesus’ truth. And the other followers loved them too, all the ones who know the truth.



It is for the truth, who lives in us and will be with us forever.

God’s special amazing love and kindness and special quietness come to you from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus, the promised One who saves us, the Son of the Father, in the truth and love.

I am so happy that I find your kids walking in Jesus as we were commanded from the Father in heaven.



And now I beg you, lady, not a new thing I tell you but the thing we told you from the start, to keep on loving each other.




And this is what love does, it walks following the words God said.

This is the commandment He told us from the start that we should walk in following it.

We are to walk in His amazing special love in Jesus because many bad liars and trickers have gone out around the world who say that the promised One, Jesus, didn’t come to be a man like us.

The ones who say this are the bad ones tricking us, these ones are fighting against God and against Jesus.


Look at yourself and watch that you follow the right One, so you don’t lose the rewards that you will get, but so you will get all your reward.



The ones that turn away and don’t stay in the true words about Jesus, don’t have God.

The one that stays in the true words about Jesus has both the Father and the Son.

If anyone comes to you and doesn’t have or want these true words about Jesus, don’t let him come into your house and don’t tell him to have a good trip because then you are helping the bad ones and will get some of their bad stuff on you.

Then John finished his letter saying, I have lots more stuff to tell you, but I am trusting God that He will bring me to tell you when we are talking face to face, so that we will both be full of happiness.





The kids of the special sister say, ‘hi.’ We believe it.




And John wrote a letter to one he loved a lot whose name was Gaius.

He said, My loved one, I want most of all that you have lots of everything you need and be real healthy, just like your soul is full of every good thing.


Nothing makes me more happy than that your kids walk in the truth of God, Jesus.


My loved one, do everything you do with good faithful love and do it the best for the brothers and for strangers.




The strangers tell about your love in front of the church.

If you send God’s workers on their way, send them with everything they need. Then you are doing good so they won’t need anything from the people in the countries where they go.

We should bring them into our houses too and help them with everything they need, because then we are helping them do God’s work of saving all the people of the world and helping them to know the true words about Jesus.



I wrote this to the church, but there was a leader there that likes to be the top boss, he turned us away and wouldn’t help us.

If I come I will remember the bad thing he did, saying lots of ugly bad words against us. And more than that he threw the brothers out of the church.




Do not follow the bad stuff like that, but just follow the good stuff.



The one who does good is from God, but the one that does bad has not seen God.


One guy there is doing good, even the true words say that he is doing good.


I had lots to say to you, but I won’t write it now, but will tell you when I get there soon and talk to you face to face.





Quiet peace be on you.





Our friends say ‘hi’ and call you by name.